Arrow Duct Concealing, RO48DMH


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ARROW SPLIT 21200 BTU- Cool only ، White ، RO-24CBA22-C
ARROW SPLIT 21200 BTU- Cool only ، White ، RO-24CBA22-C
2,399.00 SR
2,399.00 SR
ARROW SPLIT 21000 BTU- Cool & Heat، White ، RO-24CBA22-H
ARROW SPLIT 21000 BTU- Cool & Heat، White ، RO-24CBA22-H
2,449.01 SR
2,449.01 SR

Arrow Duct Concealing, RO48DMH
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Brand: Arrow
Cooling and Heating
Cooling : 49000
Heating : 17600

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  • AC Type
  • AC Conditioning System
  • Cooling capacity
  • Heating capacity
  • Noise level
  • Dimensions Indoor

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Light Weight and Compact Design 

With the weight decreases almost '20% and the size shrinks 12.5% in comparison with conventional one, the A6 duct save lots of installation error's and time as well as creates bigger maintenance space. 

Flexible Installation and Maintenance 

Air inlet from back or from bottom is optional. with the same plate size, which allows flexible change of the air inlet direction. It also features easy-to-remove filter and PCB. making daily cleaning job a breeze. 

Quiet Operation 

Optimized duct design and the high efficient DC tan motor together offer quiet operation despite of the small structural design.

AeroStic Technology 

The unique and innovation AeroStic Technology can automatically detect required airflow volume to different ducting length, and the pre-programmed intelligent algorithm to figure out the necessary static pressure and instructs the DC fan motor to deliver accurate and enough airflow volume to every room. This technology saves lots of manual calculation and testing labors during the installation, while better guarantees the optimal comfort and lower noise for any space that coverer.

specifications :

Arrow Duct Concealing, RO48DMH

  • Model Name-RO-48DMH
  • Brand: Arrow 
  • Power supply-230V,1Ph,60Hz
  • Cooling(T1):
  • Capacity (Btu/h)- 42200
  • Input(W)- 3430
  • Current(A)- 15.2
  • EER(Btu/h/W)- 12.3
  • Cooling(T3):
  • Capacity (Btu/h)- 37800
  • Input(W)- 4344
  • Current(A)- 19.12
  • EER(Btu/h/W)- 8.7
  • Heating:
  • Capacity(W)- 16900
  • Input(W)- 4694
  • Current(A)- 20.88
  • Type-DC
  • Input(W)- 560
  • Output(W)- 560
  • Speed (Hi/Med/Lo)r/min-1020/800/600
  • Indoor coil (Number of rows)-4
  • Tube pitch(a)*row pitch(b)mm-25.4x22
  • Fin spacing-1.5
  • Fin type-Hydrophilic aluminum
  • Tube outside dia.and type-Φ9.52, Inner groove tube
  • Number of circuits-7
  • Indoor air flow (Hi/Med/Lo) (under rated ESP)- 2630/2050/1450
  • Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) (under rated ESP)- 51/48/44
  • Indoor unit Dimension (WxDxH)- 1200x625x380
  • Indoor Packing (WxDxH)- 1485x675x460
  • Net/Gross weight-56.8/65.6
  • Design pressure-4.8/1.5
  • Drainage water pipe diameter-ODΦ25
  • Refrigerant piping (Liquid side/ Gas side)- Φ9.52/Φ19(3/8""/3/4"")
  • Controller-Wired control
  • Operation temperature-17~30
  • Room temperature (Cooling)- 17~32
  • Room temperature (Heating)- 0~30"
Model Number RO48DMH
AC Type Duct Concealing
AC Conditioning System Cool and Heat
Cooling capacity (Btu/h)- 42200
Heating capacity (W)- 16900
Noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) (under rated ESP)- 51/48/44
Dimensions Indoor 1200x625x380