About us

Who We Are

Arrow Modern Future Co. is limited Liability company established in 2004 under Commercial Registration No. 1010201179 Dated 13/07/14 5 H head office is located at Riyadh and its main activities is trading retail and wholesale of electric and electronic and other home appliances and devices,

Currently Arrow Modern Future company is the one of the few leading company Kingdom wide in the concerned company sector is providing the market with not less than 5% of the market demand and competing with national and international companies, having its own company products and brand name. The demand for electric and electronics generally is relatively decrease through the last few years ago however recovery was noted in 2017 and 2018 with expected increase in 2019 and successive years due to the contracting sector recovery and governmental policies through different role of native encouragement and expenditures e.g. Housing policy and direct subsidies rendered to natives with limited income , this is directly and positively affected this sector and force the company to look after financing to expand its working capital and secure the newly increase in market request

Merits and demerits at the Market:

  • One of largest company in this field.
  • Enjoy strong support from Owners.
  • Dealing with governmental & semi-governmental and large companies.
  • Qualified management with reasonable experience.
  • More than 20 years of experience company has enough knowledge of the activity trends.

Providing the market with not less than 5% of the market demand and competing with national and international companies

Key issues and Risk Mitigation


The company product is generally control and administered by ministry of commerce and will not be release until enough attestation at the country’s land before it ships to Saudi. Arrow has the complete experience at the product reliability and quality before it reaches end user. 


Company is following Nitaqat and all ministry of labor regulations and keeping good percentage by appointing Saudi Natives which are really is the part of all operation.