Warranty and maintenance policy

Arrow's warranty policy

  1. The device cannot be repaired under warranty in the absence of the warranty card and the purchase invoice showing the serial number and model number.
  2. Consumable spare parts such as / air filter are not covered by the warranty. outer cover. buttons. headphones. Lights, glass, remote, etc.
  3. The guarantee cannot be transferred from one person to another, and the guarantee applies only to the part shown
  4. The company is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the consumer as a result of using the device
  5. Devices that contain a compressor, motor, or screen after the second year. The warranty is limited only to the replacement of the compressor, screen, or motor. The warranty does not cover labor costs or the value of Freon.
  6. The warranty period includes free spare parts and does not include free repair fees
  7. The company has the right, when moving for home maintenance, to demand the fees of moving the maintenance team, and moving is limited only to non-movable devices such as (splits).

The warranty is void in the following cases:

  1. Accidents resulting from shipping, delivery, loading from one place to another, or improper installation
  2. Malfunctions resulting from the natural consumption of the device or any other reason beyond the capacity of the manufacturer.
  3. Accidents resulting from misuse and misuse
  4. If the serial number of each device has been tampered with or changed, or any deletion in the warranty card has been noticed

The free visit to the customer and the receipt of the product by Arrow takes place for the following products:

  1. Monitors 58 inches and over  
  2. Refrigerators 9 ft and up
  3. Washing machines, two tubs, 12 kg and more
  4. Automatic washing machines of all sizes
  5. All freezers
  6. Ovens from 5 eyes and more
  7. All types of split and window air conditioners

You can contact via WhatsApp directly in the event of a return or exchange within the specified period for this via the number: +966502044441


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