Arrow Clothes Dryer Heat pump type 8 Kg, RO-08GDHS


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Arrow Clothes Dryer Heat pump type 8 Kg, RO-08GDHS
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Brand : ARROW
Low Energy Efficiency
Fast Drying
Stainless Steel
Large Dry Capacity: 8k

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Arrow Clothes Dryer Heat pump type 8 Kg, RO-08GDHS

  • Low Energy Efficiency
  • Brand : ARROW
  • Fast Drying 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Drum Anti Rust Steel 
  • Strong Metal Body 
  • Large Dry Capacity: 8k
  • NET/GROSS WEIGHT:40.5/45kg
  • RATED VOLTAGE:220-230V/60Hz
  • DIMENSIONS:660×700×890(mm)
  • Gross/Net weight(Kg): 45/40.5KG


Auto Dosing

Intelligent dosage for best results based on thload of laundry. there is no need to add detergent every time, the auto dosing system can store enough  liquid detergent and softener for up to 20 times.

Add Clothes During washing

Pause and Add function
Just pressing the ‘‘start /pause’’, you can add clothes during washing with out waiting for 2-3 min than the PTC lock, which more convenience for your wash.

Beauty Details

Bling bling window design 
Outside the door ring cover the bling bling window design, no dead  ends, no residue, no need to clean up, to prevent ordinary washing machine common water, rest mildew and other issues. to the details of beauty, enough to conquer the times.

Gentle Care
Gentle drying of delicate fabrics

Specialized care of the most delicate fabrics operates at a low temperature of 40 °C. A longer drying cycle is

entirely safe and reliable as it protects your clothes from any deforming or damage.

Programming the start of the
drying cycle
Dried at the right time

Start of the drying process may be programmed up to 24 hours in advance. The clothes will be dried to the

previously set level of moisture and ready to be stored in the cupboard or ironing whenever is most convenient for you.

Child Lock

The door cannot be opened during the drying cycle

For additional safety the control panel can be locked by simply pressing a button or combination of buttons

Model Number RO-08GDHS
Type Clothes Dryer Heat pump type
Material Strong Metal Body
Dry Capacity: 8k
Dimensions 660×700×890(mm)